The Visualization for Information Analysis lab (vialab) is a research group at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, lead by Dr. Christopher Collins. The lab’s research focuses on information visualization, with special attention on text and document analysis. Other research themes include human-computer interaction more generally, interactive surface and tabletop display interaction and applications research, and computer supported learning. The lab maintains a range of collaborations with other academic researchers both at UOIT and beyond, as well as industrial collaborations.

Applying for Graduate Studies

General advice for contacting professors about graduate studies: quality matters over quantity. Emailing 100 professors a form letter will likely result in 0 responses. Emailing 10 professors specific notes of interest will always be more successful. Believe me – you don’t want to work for the professor who is accepting students based on form letters anyway.

I receive many requests to join the lab and generally admit several students annually, at the M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels. To make sure you stand out, please include in your first message a description of why you want to study with me – what is it about the research at the vialab that interests you? What relevant skills and experience do you bring? Vague messages which could be sent to any professor are ignored. Even if you address “Professor Collins” but the remainder of the message is clearly copied and pasted, I generally will not reply. Please show me that you have graduate level reading and writing skills by reading about my research interests and composing a well organized, grammatical, and properly addressed email to me that demonstrates your abilities, as well as your specific interest in the field. If you have already sent an official application to UOIT, please also indicate that and provide your application number in your message.

Please contact me by email if you are interested, or you may apply directly to UOIT Graduate Studies. For more information see our post seeking new students.

Mailing Address

Dr. Christopher Collins
UOIT, Faculty of Science
2000 Simcoe Street N
Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4

Email (preferred)



(905) 721-8668 x6581 [office]

(905) 721-8668 x2929 [lab]

Visiting Us

For GPS purposes, the address of the visitors parking is 48 Founders Drive, Oshawa.

Daily visitor parking is in the Founders 3 parking lot. Dr. Collins’ office is UA 4024 and the lab is room UA 4150 in the Science Building.  Please pull a parking ticket from the machine to raise the gate.  Keep this ticket. If you are visiting the lab for a meeting, Dr. Collins will provide an ‘exit pass’ to cover your parking fees when leaving.  To exit, insert your timed ticket followed by the exit pass.


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